The website Creativity Builder was designed to promote the idea that everyone is born with creative potential. The importance of discovering and strengthening one's creativity was brought to light during a research project conducted by the website creator. The website was constructed to allow people to unleash their creativity through the use of articles, videos, and photos. 

During the initial stages of the website, creating a distinguished logo that effectively represented the brand was a priority. As the focus, the Creativity Builder initials are displayed in a geometric composition with a subtle mention of the brand name included below. Primary colors were present in the color scheme due to the fact that those are the fundamental colors in the creative process. 
After creating the logo, various layout design options were sketched out. The goal was to find the most effective composition that would both engage and interest the user on a variety of mobile devices. The first design was chosen due to its ease of navigation and prioritized order of resources. 
Below is the final layout for the Creativity Builder website. 
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